White Prayer Chapel
in Wray, Colorado

(Please note: I no longer own the home and White Chapel in Wray, Colorado. However, I will keep this page active for a period of time. Blessings to you and to the new owners of the White Chapel.)
Bob Snyder.

The prayer chapel is not yet complete, but is available for use. Major construction has been completed. Some lighting, trim and decorative work is still to come.

Checkout the construction page

As you can see, the exterior is complete.

The chapel is located in the back of my residence at 343 Blake Street in Wray, Colorado along the alleyway of Wray State Bank. When it is completed, it will be open and available for anyone to come and: Sit - Contemplate - and/or Pray. So keep checking back to see when it is open for use. You may come by and give a look any time you wish, but there isn't any place to sit and there's still lots of dirt and dust, but you may check on my progress if you like.

Many have asked why I decided to build a chapel. Why people do things is not always easy to answer, but I'll give you a few thoughts.

I have for a long time wished to build a personal chapel where my wife and I could get away and pray. I have lived in Wray since 2009 and have at least 5 different sets of plans for building a chapel in different locations here in Wray. Although I had the designs, I was not able to take the time to start the project. My second wife, Ramona, passed away in January of 2018 so I then had time to begin the project.

Now, there were other ideas that tempted me to build a chapel too. A couple of movies come to mind: Lilies of the Field and An Affair to Remember are two that included building a chapel and a private chapel. (These can be seen on Amazon streaming or when complete, I should have a DVD copy that you may borrow.)

Another reason, of coarse, is to dedicate the White Prayer Chapel to my first wife Rosemary (White) Snyder and my second wife Ramona (White) Snyder. Their maiden names were White so that's the reason for naming and painting the chapel White. (No it wasn't serendipity that they both had the same maiden name; they were sisters. I married Ramona after Posy (Rosemary) passed away, but all that is another story.)

Saint Francis of Assisi is often credited with saying: "Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary use words." So I suppose White Prayer Chapel is my method of "preaching the gospel" - silently.

Once the chapel is totally finished, I hope to document much of the symbolism that I have tried to include.

Thank You to the Rock Angle that left a Rock at the Chapel!



Have a Blessed Day and check back on White Chapel when you can.

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Last updated: November 13, 2022
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